10 Best Diesel Cologne of 2021 [FULL DETAILS]


During a worldwide oil crisis, Diesel was considered to be an alternative fuel. From where Renzo Rosso started Diesel company around 1978 with the intention of creating the world’s most innovated denim.

Since it started, Diesel brand has used “For Successful Living” as a slogan. So far they are so innovative and stared to make best in class cologne, too.

List of 10 Best Diesel Cologne

1. Diesel Only The Brave Tatoo

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Diesel Only The Brave Tatoo was launched in 2012 specially for men where its fragrance is true to heart. It comes with Mandarin Orange & Apple in its top notes; Middle notes are Sage & Pepper; Bottom notes are made using some combination of Woodsy notes, Benzoin, Tobacco, Patchouli.

This all notes combine together and make a best in class fragrance cologne with little woody smell along with lather &  oriental accords. Diesel Only The Brave Tatoo is best for evening & night events.  This cologne stays long-lasting for all-day/night which a couple of sprays.

2. Diesel Only The Brave Street

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Diesel Only The Brave Street was launched in 2018 where the nose behind its fragrance is Nelly Hachem-Ruiz. Here its top notes are Apple, Basil, Bergamot & Thyme; Cardamom, Hedione & Licorice are in its middle notes; also Amberwood, Vanilla, Cedar, Vetiver & Patchouli are in its base notes.

Only the Brave Street of Diesel contains a fresher expression of new beginnings with courage & strong decisions fragrance which is more energetic & long-lasting. It comes with little wooden alliance of cedar & vetiver along with softness & sensuality Vanilla. This cologne is 100% value for money.

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3. Diesel Only The Brave

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Diesel Only the Brave was launched in 2009 by Pierre Wargnye, Alienor Massenet & Olivier Polge and comes with mote  Woody Amber fragrance. It has top notes of Coriander, Lemon Primofiore & Mandarin Orange; where Rosemary, Violet & Labdanum stays in middle notes; Also Cedarwood,  Leather accord & Amber are in its bottom notes.

Only the Brave by Diesel is the great & long-lasting cologne for both men & women where its fragrance is extremely pleasant which will remind you holidays. Its fragrance has a composition of lemon and sparkling along with oriented wooden notes which leaves a strong impression along with little leather-resin trail from its base notes.

4. Diesel Spirit Of The Brave

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Diesel Spirit of the Brave was launched recently in 2019 & created with Neyma Jr. This cologne is modern & sensual scent which comes with top notes of Galbanum, Artemisia & Bergamot orange; Middle notes are Elemi & Clary sage, and Tonka bean, Labdanum & Fir balsam lays in its bottom notes.

Spirit of the brave Diesel cologne is best for day time and stay long-lasting which has Referashing, Young & slightly musky fragrance, After opening it within a few seconds it releases its pleasant woody and little it spicy fragrance & time passes at its dry stage its bottom note get activates which release very sweet Tonka beans with citrus, resinous fragrance.

5. Diesel Fuel for Life for Men

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Diesel Fuel for Life was launched in 2007 which is also known as Fuel for Life Homme created by Jacques Cavallier & Annick Menardo. It is a fresh spicy and aromatic cologne. Here its top notes are made of Grapefruit & Anise; Lavender & Raspberry stays in its middle notes, and as base notes, it has Heliotrope & Great Woodsy notes.

Fuel for Life Diesel Cologne for Men has more fruity & sweet fragrance along with woodsy & lavender smell. This cologne is best for Spring seasons and also that those citruses make it a very unique outburst of sweet and aromatic raspberry skin from its middle notes.

6. Diesel Fuel for Life Denim Edition

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Diesel Fuel for Life Denim Edition was launched in 2011. This Denim Edition cologne is the symbol of youth, freedom and effortless sex appeal & Always comfortable with fashion. Here Citruses stays in top notes; Lavender & Raspberry stays in its middle notes & Woodsy Notes in base notes.

Fuel for Life Denim Edition Diesel Cologne has an Aromatic Fougere fragrance specially created for men. After a couple of sprays, it smells a more fresh, spicy little bit fruity due to top notes of citruses. After drying it smells woody with a great combination of Lavender & Raspberry. This cologne is best for warm days of the summer season.

7. BAD by Diesel

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Bad by Diesel cologne was launched in 2016 by Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim. It has a Woody Aromatic Fragrance. Top notes of its are a combination of Violet Leaf, Lavender, Cardamom & Bergamot; Middle notes are made using Orris Root, Sage & Caviar; where base notes come with Tobacco, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Ambroxan & Woodsy Notes.

This Diesel cologne has fresh woody fragrance because of its great base notes combined with a hint of tobacco. This fragrance is a salty side of the woody scents territory. It is the best cologne for Fall seasons the day to day usage & stays of all day whether its sunny day or cold night.

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8. Diesel Fuel For Life for Women

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Diesel Fuel For Life for Women cologne was launched in 2008 by Annick Menardo and Thierry Wasser. It has  Chypre Floral fragrance specially developed for women. its top notes contain Mandarin Orange, Grapefruit, Black Currant & Pink Pepper; Middle note is filled with Jasmin; Patchouli & Musk are in base notes.

Fuel For Life Diesel cologne for Women has very sharp synthetic citrus & overly pungent musk with little fruity smell. As time passes its fragrance turns in overly sweet floral which makes it more Classy, Feminine & Clean. It is best for spring season and stays the whole day.

9. Diesel Loverdose for Women

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Diesel Loverdose for Women was launched in 2011 & it has especially feminine oriental Vanilla fragrance. Its top notes are Mandarin Orange & Star Anise; Middle notes are Jasmine, Licorice & Gardenia; Vanille, Amber & little woodsy notes stay in its base notes.

Loverdose Diesel Cologne for Women is spicy and sweet black liquorice and vanilla oriented cologne. After drying down it still very thick and sweet and smells a bit like honey. This is the sweet and spicy cologne which is best for cold days and smell great at night time.

10. Diesel Plus Plus Feminine

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Diesel Plus Plus Feminine was launched back in 1997 Nathalie Feisthauer. It has a special oriental Floral fragrance for women which makes it full feminine. Its top notes are Cassis, Pineapple, Orange & Lily-of-the-Valley; Middle notes Coconut, Milk,  Big Strawberry, Red Apple, Orchid, Magnolia, Jasmin & Lily with Cherry; And base notes contains Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanille Orris Root and Virginia Cedar.

Plus Plus Feminine Diesel Cologne for Women has lovely vanilla & bitter orange peels with unpleasant floral scent in there somewhere which combines and smells pure nostalgia type. Also with its Milky notes, it smells fresh & healthy. This is all-season cologne and stays the whole day after a couple of sparys.

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